Durango Land and Homes was founded by Joe and Heidi Burtoni, one of the most successful and service-minded real estate teams in the area.  Though they had a long history working for and having an ownership stake in the larger brokerages in the community, Joe and Heidi recognized that their propensity to provide the highest possible service to their clientele was not being fully realized in a brokerage model that had not altered its course in the wake of changes to the industry primarily brought about by technological evolution.  No longer was it necessary to be part of a large group of brokers to most effectively and successfully market and provide the highest quality service for Buyers and Sellers.  Time spent in sales meetings (often a half day or more a week) and in becoming immersed in office politics and conversations simply drew attention away from their customers and clients.  Durango Land and Homes flourished from its inception because of the focus and energy Joe and Heidi invested in their clients, and their efforts to utilize the latest and most compelling technologies to market their listings, not to mention their exceptional skill and experience in the business of real estate.


As Joe and Heidi began their transition toward retirement, they sought out a purchaser for Durango Land and Homes, while intending to stay on with the brokerage.  In Christina Rinderle and Chris Bettin, Joe and Heidi found new owners who most resembled their own ambitions in real estate with a focus on creating connections and relationships with and for their clients and with the philosophy that success is born of undeterred commitment to the best interests of their clients and customers.


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Christina was a two-term city councilor and two-term Mayor of Durango. She is also on the board of the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance, the President of the Colorado Municipal League, and the city liaison to the Durango Parks and Recreation Board. Christina’s connections in and knowledge of Durango run deep with a focused interest on the betterment of the community and a legacy of service to her adopted hometown.  Christina’s background in residential and commercial real estate and development, coupled with her intimate knowledge of the elements at work in this amazing community make her one of the most sought after brokers in the area.  See Christina’s complete profile here.


Durango Land and Homes is a customer service organization which happens to sell Durango real estate.  We pride ourselves on making the transition into, out of, and around our community as seamless and enjoyable as possible.  We are known for our commitment to customers and clients and to this community.
Connect to Durango with us.
Integrity Leads, Sales Follow.®


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